Nirmalya Ghosh

Dept: Physical Sciences (DPS)
E-mail: nghosh [at]
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Research Interest:

    Nano-optics: Basic studies on surface plasmon resonance, Spin-Orbit interaction of light in micro / nano optical systems, Weak measurements in optics, Quantitative polarimetry in nano-plasmonics, Fano resonances in plasmonic nanostructures; Polarization Optics: Basic theoretical and experimental studies on polarization (Mueller matrices, Stokes vectors, Jones matrices) and coherence characteristics of scattered light in random medium. Biophotonics: Develop novel optical & spectroscopic methods for probing biological systems and other complex systems, explore applications in diagnostics and imaging.

Academic Background:
  1. PhD (Physics), RRCAT, DAE (Raja Ramanna Centre for Advanced Technology), 2005, Best Thesis Award by Indian Laser Association
  2. MTech (Laser Technology), Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, 1998, 2nd Rank
  3. M.Sc (Physics), University of Kalyani, 1995, 1st rank

  1. Associate Professor, IISER Kolkata ( - )
  2. Assistant Professor, IISER Kolkata (2009 - 2013)
  3. Post Doctoral fellow, University of Toronto (2007 - 2009)
  4. Scientist E, Department of Atomic Energy (2004 - 2009)
  5. Scientist D, Department of Atomic Energy (2000 - 2004)
  6. Scientist C, Department of Atomic Energy (1998 - 2000)

Selected Publications:
  1. maji, Krishnendu; Saha, Sudipta; dey, Rajib; haldar, Debashish and Ghosh, Nirmalya. 2017. "Mueller matrix fluorescence spectroscopy for probing self-assembled peptide basedhybrid supramolecular structure and orientation." Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 121, 19519
  2. ray, Subir Kumar; Chandel, Shubham; Singh, Ankit Kumar; Kumar, Abhishek; Mandal, Arpita; Misra, Subhradeep; Mitra, Partha and Ghosh, Nirmalya. 2017. "Polarization-Tailored Fano Interference in Plasmonic Crystals: A Mueller Matrix Model of Anisotropic Fano Resonance." ACS Nano, 11, 1641
  3. Saha, Sudipta; Singh, Ankit Kumar; ray, Subir Kumar; Gupta, Subhasish Dutta and Ghosh, Nirmalya. 2016. "Transverse spin and transverse momentum in scattering of plane waves ." Optics Letters, 41, 4499-4502
  4. Chandel, Shubham; Soni, Jalpa; Ray, Subir Kumar; Das, Anwesh; Ghosh, Anirudha; Raj, Satyabrata and Ghosh, Nirmalya. 2016. "Complete polarization characterization of single plasmonic nanoparticle enabled by a novel Dark-field Mueller matrix spectroscopy system." Scientific Reports, 6, 26466
  5. Goswami, Sumit; Dhara, Sayandip; Pal, Mandira; Nandi, Arindam; Panigrahi, Prasanta K and Ghosh, Nirmalya. 2016. "Optimized weak measurements of Goos–Hänchen and Imbert–Fedorov shifts in partial reflection." Optics Express, 24, 6041
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