Narayan Banerjee

Dept: Physical Sciences
E-mail: narayan [at]
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Research Interest:

Our Gravitation and cosmology. At present working on i) building up models for the present accelerated expansion of the universe and ii) some problems on black hole physics.

Academic Background:
  1. B.Sc. (Physics Honours), Presidency College, University of Calcutta, 1978
  2. M.Sc. (Physics), University of Calcutta, 1981
  3. Ph.D., Jadavpur University, 1986

  1. Lecturer, Sarat Centenary College, Dhaniakhali, Hooghly (1986)
  2. Lecturer, Sripat Singh College, Jiaganj, Murshidabad (1986-1991)
  3. Senior Lecturer, Jadavpur University (1991-1998)
  4. Reader, Jadavpur University (1998-2006)
  5. Professor, Jadavpur University (2006-2007)
  6. Professor, Indian Institute of Science, Education & Research (IISER), Kolkata (2008 -)

Selected Publications:
  1. Static spherically symmetric solutions in a general class of scalar tensor theories (with A. Banerjee and S.B.Duttachoudhury), J. Math. Phys. 25, 3041 (1984).
  2. Static spacetime in general scalar tensor theory (with S.B.Duttachoudhury and A.Banerjee), J. Math. Phys. 25, 3299 (1984).
  3. Static gravitational field in generalized scalar tensor theory (with S.B.Duttachoudhury), J. Math. Phys. 26, 1315 (1985).