About the IISER-K Library

The IISER-K Library, started in 2006, functions as a library, documentation and information centre catering to education and research in basic sciences. It is envisaged to expand into a major resource system before long.

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Library Consultation Form : [PDF] 

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Library Resources

The collection of the Library comprises of documents in Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Earth and Space Sciences, Humanities, Computer Science, History of Science etc. It's collection consists of:

Scientific Books: 16500+

Journals: Online :2,600+ and Print - 23

Online Backfiles: ACS Journal Legacy Archive, IOP Electronic Journals Archive, Nature and other NPG journals, ScienceDirect, Science Classic, PROLA, journals of RSC, RS, SIAM Journals, T&F etc

E-books: 23,900+

Light Reading Materials: Fictions,  general books, magazines etc

Audio-visual Materials: 50+

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) - To facilitate security and management of the Library

Working Hours
Weekdays: 8:00A.M to 12:00 Midnight
Saturdays & Sunday: 8:00A.M to 12:00 Midnight
Examination Period : 24 Hours (Duration : One week prior to start to until completion)

Library Automation
The Library is automated on 'Virtua Library Management & Digital Library' (VTLS Inc, Virginia, USA)

All permanent staff members of IISER-K, all temporary staff members of IISER-K, research scholars and students, external Faculty like Visiting Faculty and Adjunct Faculty

Rules & Regulations: [ PDF ]


  1. The services rendered by IISER-K Library are:
  2. Issue of Documents: Users may borrow 5 documents at a time for a stipulated period.
  3. Reference Service/Assistance: Reference queries from users are answered over telephone, email or in person.
  4. Online Public Access Catalogue: The Web Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) of 'Virtua' is a very powerful search engine. With the help of the modules like 'Quick Search', 'Browse' or 'Advanced Search' one can search the library's database. There are very many features like appearance of images of the of books while searching, access to their 'contents' and 'summary', availability of links to similar books as well as other books of the author in question, and the like.
  5. Photocopy & Scan Service: Photocopying and scanning of library resources is provided free of cost to academic/scientific staff of IISER-K. However, the service to non-members/members for non-academic purpose is being charged.
  6. Institutional Membership: The institutional Memberships at British Council Library and The American Library are expected to meet the general reading requirements of the members. Those who intend to use the libraries or borrow documents should carry the Institutional Membership Cards (available at IISER-K Library).

Dr. V. R. Tiwari
Librarian, IISER Kolkata Library
Email: librarian@iiserkol.ac.in
Ph: 033- 6634 0054