The Bud

"The Bud' a Montessori School and a Crèche, started on August, 14th 2009 with 5 children of faculty of IISER-K and its neighbourhood institutions such as BCKV and Haringhata Dairy Farm. It was mainly to help IISER-K faculty who came either from abroad or from other states of India.

Today, The Bud has about 18 children and 2 toddlers in the Creche We are thinking of expanding its service even more. Montessori method of learning allows children to have freedom while working with specially made apparatus. Children feel homely and happy in this working environment. Buddies from The Bud celebrated its first Founder's Day on last August, 2010 where a small entertainment programme was put up. Besides that Children had Sports Day and Feast on Nov 14th,2010, The Children's day.To facilitate children for Active Summer vacation, The Bud arranged for a Summer Camp where 21 children from The Bud and its neighbourhood joined. Children enjoyed the Camp to their hearts' content.

Summer Camp

Karate Class
Music lesson
Break for snacksArt class
Dance and `mudra’sDance